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It was my last summer at home. In the fall I would be going away to University in Boston and my boyfriend had been accepted at our local college. I wanted to have fun and a carefree summer and most of all I wanted to lose my virginity.

Ricky and I had been dating since our freshman year in high school and I was madly in love with him, I thought. He was tall and super cute and had these broad football player’s shoulders that just seemed ultra sexy. He wanted to go all the way for the last year. I would not give in because I wanted the time to be right but as I got ready for our picnic in the country, the time was right I thought. Yes, I was ready to go all the way.

I was blonde and petite and often bemoaned my lack of stature. I admired those tall busty girls at school but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with being a perky teen. Besides I had naturally red hair and a big set of tits for my size so, there were compensations. I also have a real penchant for pretty panties and bras. I like to feel feminine under my clothes it must makes me feel sexy even in cut off jeans and a midriff top like today.

I slid on a sexy black thong feeling it creep up between my butt cheeks to hide. I turned around in the mirror to admire my ass which looked almost naked except for the tiny string emerging from between my cheeks and circling my hips. I put on a matching black bra trimmed in the most delicate lace and slipped into my cutoffs finally pulling my midriff top over my head. A pair of strappy flat sandals completed my outfit and I began to brush my hair while waiting on Ricky to arrive. Rick was almost always on time so I hurriedly brushed through my long red hair. It was thick and shone in the sun and one of my better features I thought.

I heard the blast of Ricky’s horn from the front drive and was silently grateful that my parents were not home to deliver the “nice boys come in” lecture.

I jumped into the front seat of Ricky’s car and settled against him, anticipation rising in me as I considered a long lazy afternoon in the country and imagined making love for the very first time. I was eighteen and it was long past time for me to have “done the deed”. Most of my friends lost their virginity in their early teens. Of course I don’t know of any friends who are teen panty fans but well, every girl deserves a little kink.

We traveled about an hour out of town and then down a long country road, and had I not been enjoying the drive and Ricky’s wandering hand that seemed to roam everywhere on my body I would have thought him lost. He wasn’t when he finally pulled to the side of a dirt road off a dirt road we were out in a field, a beautiful meadow with grass so green a golf course could not out do it, and with not a house or car in sight. It was perfect and there was even a tree we could put our blanket under and enjoy the shade. He must have scouted this out beforehand.

We settled down under the tree with the sun shining brightly and a soft afternoon breeze cooling us. It was perfect and I fell into Ricky’s eager arms happily. I could have just lain there forever content with being in his arms and they idyllic setting, but then again Ricky had other ideas. His always eager hands crept under my midriff top and deftly undid my bra my tits spilling into his hands. I had let him fondle my tits before and though exciting to me, there was far more to come. He slid my top off and the breeze tickled my nipples so they grew hard and ached, an ache that went straight to my pussy.

I moaned softly and growing courageous I reached for his cock to fondle it through the fabric of his jeans. It seemed almost to grow under my gentle and inexpert rubbing. I wasn’t too experienced with this but eager, ever so eager to step up the pace.

That’s when he grew bolder and unzipped my cutoffs to slide his big hand in and massage my pussy through the soaking wet material of my panties. Even as a virgin I knew he could feel my excitement in the wetness of that filmy fabric. Unexpectedly his touch was magnified by the silky smooth fabric. It seemed so much more exciting as he rubbed my pussy through my panties than the few times I had let him touch it with his bare hand.

I wanted more, much more and squirmed around spreading my legs wide and arching my hips up to his hand. I could not imagine why I had held out so long, I was so ready to fuck him.

He continued to massage and tease at my pussy pushing aside my panties a little to slip his middle finger up my pussy. It was deliciously painfully wonderful. I could feel my panties sliding against his fingers and wondered what his cock would feel like. It was so much bigger than a single finger. However, Ricky was patient, he had waited years for this and kept fucking me with his finger that little hole widening more with each stroke. His palm would rub against my satin covered mound and produce even more shivers of delight. I was bathed in pleasure and glowing by the time he pulled his own jeans off and began to tug at my little thong.

I had up to that point been putty in his hand but I was not going to let go of my satin thong, it felt too delicious and if he was too dense to get that well, we could quit right then. I said none of this though just tugged him down to me and kept my thong on.

I helped guide him to my virgin hole and tensed as the throbbing hard cock head pushed against that impossibly narrow opening. I knew I should relax but was nervous despite my arousal. Ricky was gentle and persistent though, he kept pushing gently until that reluctant hole opened wider and then he pushed in. I cried out and he stopped and nibbled my tits and rubbed my panty covered clit. Oh yes that was delicious and when I felt I could stand the pain I pulled him to me eager to have him inside me fully. The pain was minor once he had bottomed out and his groin rubbing against my throbbing clit and his cock probing inside me was almost more than I could stand, I screamed and shuddered arching up to him and driving him deeper inside me. It was my first orgasm during sex and racked my body like a convulsion. A delicious and delightful one though, and Ricky was nearly overcome with my pussy muscles squeezing so hard on his cock. In fact now I am amazed at his control when he pulled back a little and reached down to rub my mound through the sweet satin covering it. I am sure he was struggling for control by then but his rubbing intensified my orgasm making those tight little muscles milk his dick even harder.

It felt as if I had hardly finished an orgasm and he would begin to massage my clit and pound into me again until I was overwhelmed in the delicious sensations and lost track of time.

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Every virgin should have a first lover like Ricky, he not only understood how much my panties turned me on but he also wanted to extend every moment of it. Eventually even his marvelous control slipped and during one of my orgasms where my body shook and the world seemed to go away he drove as deeply into me as he could get and I felt him cumming his hot seed spurting inside and splashing against the walls of my pussy. It drove me wild.

It was dark as we both lay side by side on the blanket looking up at the stars and incapable of moving so drained were we. When we finally were able to stand and make our way back to the car I did something I never do. I slid my panties off and wadded them up in my pocket.

I still have them now, my own memento of losing my virginity. Oh I plan on making many more memories with my panties but these are special and hold that special scent of first time teen sex.

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