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There is nothing finer than a cute teen in her sweet little panties.

Welcome to Teen Pantie!

We love cute teens in pretty panties!

This domain is under new ownership: one certified panty fiend, and one well on his way to developing a pantie fetish! I'm the panty freak :) and have a real thing for adorable cotton panties. My partner has a fondness for thongs, but I am trying to win him over to the joys of regular panties, be they cotton, satin, shiny ... or dare we even say silk?

As I mentioned, we just got this wonderful name, and I have very high hopes for building the ultimate teen panties portal around. Yes, I dream big LOL because it tends to take me a while to actually build things so they look right. The curse of being a perfectionist with limited site-building skills. But I endeavor to perservere, as this is truly a labor of love ... my love for my panties fetish.

So please pardon the dust and bare with me, fellow panty lovers! It all starts with a dream (and don't forget to bookmark and check my progress!).

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